Gray Hair

7 Natural Home Remedies to Effectively Reverse Gray Hair

Hair is seen by everyone as the reflection of their identity. Women have this feeling that bad hair means that their entire day is going to go bad. Whenever the hair becomes dry or starts graying or even falling, the self-esteem seems to be affected very seriously. There is an intense relationship between that hair of a person and the self-esteem that he carries along. According to history, hair symbolizes femininity. Hair is considered to be the “crowning glory.” Also, hair is considered to be an industry, from where the businesses earn millions of dollars.

natural home remedies to effectively reverse gray hair

Around fifty thousand dollars are spent by women for making her hair look even more beautiful. We know that making graceful appearances is definitely important, but also, hair helps in representing the personality. Hair manages to set a tone for the entire look.

Gray hair is one of the worst problems faced by most people. There are some who have the feeling that gray hair makes them look different, while for many others, gray hair reminds them that they are aging faster than they should. No matter what the feeling is, gray hair still manages to make a person look graceful.

Explanations for Graying of Hair

The graying of the hair is a very natural process that is associated with the age of a person. Scientists, after a lot of research and investigations into the cause of the graying of hair, have finally discovered why this happens. The primary reason for the graying of hair is due to the loss of the melanin pigment. Melanin is the pigment from which hair obtains the natural color. The melanocyte cells which are present in the hair follicle produce the pigment melanin.

Aging of a person is associated with a number of processes involving genetics, environmental factors as well as hormones. Other factors that stimulate aging faster are smoking, nutrition and exposure to ultraviolet radiation. There are a number of hypotheses that are suggested for the graying of hair.

Given below are a list of the hypotheses that can explain the loss of melanin gradually form the hair shaft, which is the primary cause of graying hair.

  • The impaired DNA repair within the melanocytes.
  • Enzyme loss which leads to melanogenesis.
  • Loss of the enzyme telomerase which aids in adding nucleotides contributes to the graying of hair.
  • The old melanocytes cannot be replaced by the new ones due to anti-apoptotic signaling, as the death of the melanocyte cell is prevented.
  • Stress and depression are also linked with the growing of hair. Stress hormones’ interfere with the production of melanin and instead, produces keratinocytes. People who are under immense pressure and are stressed for a period of two to four years, experience faster graying of hair.

Natural Home Remedies

gray hair home remediesSome people consider gray hair as the greatest sign of wisdom as well as maturity, while others view the graying of hair as a reminder of growing old. The fact that many people may not be aware of is that hair starts as white, and later it gets it color from melanin. When a person starts aging, the melanocyte slows down its activity, and the hair starts graying and the chances of the hair turning into gray increase by 20% once a person turns 30.

There are many chemicals that are available in the market, but these may damage your hair to a great extent. Why opt for harmful chemicals when nature has so much for us? Whether it is internal or external remedies, nature provides a lot of solutions for the reversal of gray hair.

Listed below are 7 natural remedies that help in slowing the process of graying.

  1. Henna: Henna is an auburn dye that is prepared from the tree, Lawsonia inermis. It has been used for various cosmetic purposes since a very long time. Henna normally comes in the form of powder and is mixed with lemon juice, cloves, vinegar or natural fragrant oil before applying it to the hair. Henna can be used daily to cover the gray, and it also makes the hair look healthy.
  2. Tea: Tea is another substance that effectively helps to keep your hair young and black. Black tea is the best for dark hues; rooibos can be used for a red hair color and chamomile tea for the blondes. The longer you can leave it in your hair, the deeper will be the color.
  3. Amla (The Indian Gooseberry): The common name of Phyllanthus Emblica is Amla or the Indian Gooseberry. Amla, mixed with almond oil or coconut oil helps in masking the gray hair. It also leaves the hair healthy and glossy. Drinking Amla juice also nourishes the body and helps in solving many skin problems.
  4. Beet, Carrot, and Lemon juice: A combination of beet, carrot and lemon juice effectively help in highlighting the existing color of hair. Beet juice is very good for dark red colors, carrot juice for a soft orange color and lemon juice can be used for the golden blonde color.
  5. Coffee: Coffee acts as a very good natural agent for reversing the gray hair. If you want black tresses or brown ones, coffee is a very effective solution.
  6. Herbs: Flowers and herbs are very gentle, and hence they make excellent dyes. There are a number of herbs you can use depending on what color your hair is. For darker hair, you can choose from rosemary, cinnamon, walnut hulls, nettle, sages etc. For blonde hair, the options are lemon peel, yarrow, marigold, chamomile tea, mullein flowers, etc. For red hair, you can select from, hibiscus flowers, petals of a red rose, beets, red clover, etc.
  7. Amarnath: Amarnath is a vegetable that has a lot of nutrients in it and looks like spinach. It helps in restoring the natural color of the hair by reversing the gray hair.

Can You Reverse Gray Hair without Having to Color It?

These are the natural home remedies to effectively reverse gray hair. You have to make sure that you are keeping away from the shampoos and the dyes that are full of chemicals. These manage to cause a lot of damage to not only the hair but also the scalp. Consuming a lot of vegetables and fruits and including herbs in your diet like ginger, turmeric, garlic, etc., also keeps your hair healthy.