Common Tips to Grow African American Hair Fast

African American hair is way too different from common hair. This type of hair seems to be very thick and has lots of curls. African American has developed a unique hairstyle and nowadays people are trying to follow the trend. Everybody loves their hair as it defines look and make you more beautiful.

Cleaning & Moisturizing

Grow African American Hair FasttIf you have African American hair, then you must be having very curly and thick hair. If you want to keep your hair healthy and dust free then definitely you should clean your hair regularly. If you have thick hair, then it’s very important that you should check whether there is any dirt or dust that makes your hair rough or not.

If you clean your hair at least three days in a week, then it will make your hair softer. There are several shampoos available in the market particularly for curly hair, and it’s crucial that you apply moisturizer once you are done with applying shampoo.


It’s very important to comb your hair but if you don’t know the Right way to brush African-American hair it may give you a hard time. First, you need to divide your hair into two or more portions and try to detangle your hair with your fingers. Once you completely detangled your hair successfully, you can comb your hair with a brush or wide comb.

There are several benefits of brushing African American hair it doesn’t let the dust stick to your hair for a longer time and helps your hair remain untangled. As American African hair is too thick and hard to brush you might have a question in your mind that is brushing African American hair bad? There is no such, certain answer it may depend on the type of hair you are having and DNA you are carrying. Though the answer would be no for most of the times sometimes you may face hair fall problem because of over dry hair.


Oil is considered to be hairs food. If you apply oil on the scalp, it will help your hair follicle to grow hair on your scalp. Hair oil protects your skin from getting dried up and prevents any kind of hair diseases.

Healthy Food

It’s proven that healthy diet can be the solution for all of your hair related problems. There are several foods which help to grow your hair naturally and also provide necessary nutrients to your hair and make your hair strong internally to protect hair fall problems. There are certain foods like spinach, green vegetables and fruits which give you the necessary nutrients to grow your hair.

Brushing your hair can solve lots of problem in your life; you should also take care of your brush. It’s not that tough to find out how to clean an African American hair brush? The process is really fast and takes very less time in your busy schedule.

  • If your hair gets stuck in your brush no need to worry you can easily clean it up, you can use pen or pencil and start removing hairs from down once you can loosen the hairs you can cut it with a scissor.
  • Once you have removed most of the hairs from your brush, you can soak the brush overnight in warm water, and you can add few drops of shampoo it will leave a nice smell and then wash it with water.
  • You can keep your brush for some time until it gets dry, once it dries up you are all set to use your brush.


African American hair takes lots of time to grow. You should trim your hair once in three months. If your hair tip is too hard or it has split, then it will not grow longer just to avoid this situation you definitely should go for trimming. Sometime trimming gives you a better look that makes you unique among all.

Best African American Hair Brush for Growth

If you are in a search of a perfect hair brush and if you have African American hair, then this article will definitely help you to get you the perfect hair brush and will make your hair healthier. You may be thinking does brushing African American hair make it grow? Or not, brushing your hair is an essential activity in your daily life, so you can easily understand combing your hair is the most important thing if you are really concerned to grow your hair.

There are plenty hair brushes available in the market, but you need to choose the perfect brush for your hair so that it helps to grow your hair. You must be thinking which types of brushes are best for African-American hair? Here are few brushes for African American hair available in the market, which might suit you best.

Boar Bristle Brush

Boar Bristle Brush for African American HairBoar Bristle Brush is made of a high quality material which is pretty much similar to human hair. These brushes fix easily between your hairs and remove all the dust in a shorter period of time. Boar bristle brush African American hair is the best combination which is specifically made for African American hair. It helps to grow your hair as it messages the hair scalp which keeps the blood flow proper to their blood follicles.

Your scalp also has natural conditioner if you use this brush it helps to distribute the scalp conditioner throughout your hair and make your hair shiny.

Hot Air Brush

If new fashion is your choice, then definitely hot air brush will give you various look by combing your hairs in a different way. If you want new look everyday instead of using an electric straightening or curling you can go for hot air brush which will help your hair to maintain moisture.

hot air brush for African American Hair

You can use it n number of times still you will not face any hair problem. African American hair hot air brush is one of the best quality combs available in the market, and it can be the perfect one to maintain your hairstyle.

These are the best African American hair growth tips you can use to grow a long, healthy mane. Follow them consistently and you will have longer and thicker tresses in no time.

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